How to Create the Ideal Backyard to Beat the Heat

The current season might not be the best in New Mexico during the months of December-January.  But during the summer, things get hot, humid, and scorching.  But before that, you get the spring precipitation which tends to make matters worse.

Having a garden that helps cope with the arid temperatures of summer is primordial.  But just laying a garden in the backyard is not all it takes.  How can you make your backyard ideal for beating the heat?  What elements should you add in and which ones should you rule out?

Climate in New Mexico

Temperatures throughout the state of New Mexico goes from 64°F (18°C) in the southeast to 40°F (4.5°C) in the high mountains.  During the summer months, temperatures can get as high as 100°F (38°C).  The highest temperature ever recorded is 116°F (47°C) on July 14, 1934.

But the clear sky and low relative humidity allow for rapid cooling of the land, making summer nights relatively comfortable.   One of the things that people like to take advantage of is the amount of sunshine received, which is from 75 to 80 percent of the possible.  So, we are talking about 3,700 to 2,800 of annual sunshine.

During the spring, there is usually a 90 percent sunshine and even during November.  Average humidity is lower in the valleys and higher in the mountains.  Relative humidity goes from 65 percent to during the morning to 30 percent during the afternoon.

Essential Elements of a Heat-Beating Backyard

When temperatures get too hot, there is nothing else in mind but to thrive to stay cool.  Creating the best backyard to stay cool is actually not that hard.  You need to work on the shades and places under the roof.  Nick, who specializes in landscape design in Vancouver, says that the most important thing is to keep things cool in the yard, even during the hottest of days.  Also, create spaces of recreation where you can just lye donw and enjoy the day.

The followingare some quick tips:

  • Hang some hammocks.  They are comfortable and nice under a shade in the middle of the backyard.
  • Do some camping in your backyard.  There is no better place as you haver resources available from your house.  You can enjoy the cool nights under the tent while you burn some marshmallows on the bonfire.
  • The pool is a necessary addition to any backyard if you want to fend off the heat.  Get it on with pool parties and invite your friends over to cool off a little bit while enjoying another pool of beers.
  • Using a hose, you can also make an outdoor shower.  Just hang it over a tree branch and have lots of aquatic fun.
  • Keep an outdoor bar where you can keep chilled beers and other beverages.
  • The grill is an important element that cannot be overseen.  Of course, you can also have a pretty cool pizza oven.
  • Build teepees, little hideouts made of hoola hoops and shower curtains, or anything else that can take the place of a tent.

Remember to keep your yard fun, fresh, and recreational.

Create Your Own Paradise

The types of plants that you place on your yard are equally important to keep a fresh environment.  Make sure you have an area for splishy splashing all over the place.  For example, you can use 2-liter bottles to create a misty spraying system to ensure lots of wet fun.

Take advantage not only of tree shadows.  Trees also offer great opportunitites for you to build a wooden swing, to place some benches around the trunk and much more.  You could even build a nice tree house for you or the children to enjoy.

Create an atmospere tha invites to recreation and fun.  Climate in New Mexico allows for favorable wind to breeze out and cool your space.  Take advantage of the sweet sound of rustling leaves and the smell of flowers, green plants, and vines.

If you can, create spaces of running water or a water feature such as a stream, a cascade or a small pond.  Let water spring out of your backyard for your family and guests to enjoy the sunshine and the shade.

You can also build an inviting porch with all the comfort to appeal people to stay outdoors with you, enjoying New Mexico’s nice climate.

How the Internet can Save Traditional Newspapers

It seems like the Internet will see the demise of the traditional newspaper.  What is it with buying a piece of paper if you can simply access all the news through your mobile device?  Apparently, nobody does that anymore.

Let us go through a brief discussion about how the Internet is actually affecting and what should newspapers do to survive.  Becuase the answer is right there.  The way the Internet is saving papers is forcing them to find strategies to appeal an audience that still prefers the physical ritual of reading the morning paper.  Also, they need to come up with ways to appeal to this new generation that most pro

Also, they need to come up with ways to appeal to this new generation that most probably has never opened a newspaper in their lives.  But this does not mean that they are oblivious to the news.  They simply have a faster and more efficient way of getting them.

How Internet Affects Newspapers

This is not the first time that written press has overcome challenges.  Over the decades it has stood against the telegraph first, then radio and television.  But the Internet is proving to be a greater challenge.

The following are some of the ways in which the Internet is affecting newspapers:

  • Most of a newspaper income comes from advertising.  In fact, more than 80% of revenue is accountable by advertising, according to Congressional Research Service. But online advertising is cheaper, easier, and more dynamic, so corporations are moving their publicity online.
  • With this cuts in advertising revenues, newspapers have been forced to downsize and cut costs.
  • Newspapers are becoming only one of many sources of information, which includes online agencies and even freelancers.
  • Those who are now dedicated to spreading news online only need a very small investment.  They don´t have to be concerned about printers, papers, and distribution routes.

What Should Newspapers Do?

It is important to note here that even when some might say that newspapers are dying, the truth is that journalism is actually expanding thanks to the media.  But the newspaper industry has always adapted and persevered.  This is how the industry can be saved.

  1. Offer unique content in their printed version.  This is assuming that the newspaper has an online site.  So, instead of considering the website a place for dumping the same thing that will be printed, it is best to treat them differently and consider what kind of news are better for each platform.
  2. Take advantage of social media to promote the fact that, even when a newspaper is a slow source of information, it can also provide real-time information.
  3. Invest in mobile versions in order to become mobile friendly to readers.

Newspapers should use the Internet to their advantage by promoting themselves through a solid digital marketing whenever it is needed.

How to treat your patio for a new Mexican summer

Summer may be over but there’s still time to do some last minute home maintenance. Something that shouldn’t ever be overlooked is your outdoor patio. It’s easy to think that once installed a stone patio needs no more maintenance then a light sweep every few days. Do nothing but that and you’ll soon see what the problem is with that. Moss and weeds will build up through the cracks and the stones will become filthy to the point where you’ll feel embarrassed to take guests out back. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When I had my patio installed last year by the guys at Centuria Masonry I made the same mistake. At first I figured that using the power washer would be enough to give it a good clean but within a few weeks it was back to the way it was. Up until then I’d tackled it all the wrong way but once I learned a few helpful tips my patio maintenance got much easier. Read on to see how I did it.

Use polymeric sand to prevent weeds

You can find this stuff in any hardware store, usually located near the landscaping section. You can get some surprising benefits out of this stuff such as:

  • Prevents weeds from growing between stones
  • Stops insects from living between the stones and possibly finding a way into your home

Before applying the polymeric sand, you need to first remove the weeds and moss that is already between your paving stones. You can do this either by hand or using a scraper. It might also be a good idea to clean your patio first before starting as any power washing will just blow the sand away.

You have two ways of applying the sand between the stones. Either use a small cup to pour it between the cracks or pour a large quality directly on the stones and use a broom to sweep it into the cracks. It’s important that when finished you remove all the excess sand as it has a colorant that can stain the stones. A leaf blower works best for this. You can finish off then by using a garden sprayer to lightly mist the stones and polymeric sand. When finished you should leave your patio clear for 24 hours.

Kill weeds with natural vinegar

Instead of spending your money on expensive store bought weed killers you can use a much more effective method. This is very easy to mix up and use, it’s also much more effective when used correctly. It’s recommended that you spray any weeds that pop up during the daylight hours, always better when the sun is at its brightest and hottest. Between 12 to 3 is the best time for this and you’ll see the results by the next day. Anytime you see a few weeds popping up apply this solution and your problem is solved.

Beat the new Mexican heat this summer with retractable awnings

This summer is proving a real scorcher and if relaxing on your patio is a favourite activity you’ll definitely be feeling the heat. Did you know though that there is a way to provide shade on your patio, add some style to your garden and cut down on your utility bills? You can have all this with retractable awnings, which have in recent years experienced a rebirth.

Why awnings?

It used to be that almost every home had an awning. But since indoor heating became more common they lost some of their uses. That’s changed though in recent years with retractable awnings now offering all the benefits of an awning with some extras. These can be quite easy and inexpensive to install with many companies in Vancouver providing services for retractable awnings. The benefits, as you’ll soon see, definitely make the investment worth it.

Shade and weather protection

The first thing that comes to mind with an awning is the shade it will provide on hot summer days. When not in use, it can be retracted to allow more sunlight in, or partially expanded to suit any needs. Home owners will be able to get more out of their awnings while protecting themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A retractable awning can also protect home owners against the elements, keeping them dry during rainstorms while also providing some privacy for sunbathing, hot tubs and swimming pools.

Cuts energy costs

When direct sunlight is shining through your windows, the extra heat forces air-con systems to work harder to maintain the optimum temperature which, of course, pushes up your energy bills. With a retractable awning, you’ll be able to deflect that sunlight and save money over time. On colder days, it can be retracted to allow more sunlight in and help to cut your heating bills during the winter.

Homeowners should put some careful thought into where they place their awning for maximum effect. The deck or patio is the most obvious place but smaller awnings can be placed over windows that receive the most sunlight, reducing the homes heat gain from sun exposure. Some awnings can even be installed with weather sensors so that they automatically retract during heavy rainstorms or snowfall.

Aesthetic benefits

Awnings can come in a wide variety of styles and colors to match a homeowner’s personal décor. They can be made from a range of materials such as aluminum, fabric or plastic canvas. Those homes that experience very changeable weather will need to be more durable but generally, an awning can hold up against most common elements.

Retractable awnings can come as automatic or manual, being operated by hand cranks, pull strings or hand braces. Motorized awnings usually come with either a button or a dial to control how much it extends. For homeowners who experience very changeable weather, a motorized retractable awning provides the most benefits and can be upgraded with sensors to activate it under certain weather conditions.

How to find love – ten tips from a matchmaker

How to find your one true love. This is just an overused question. Many people seemed to ask that question, but not all of them are lucky enough to get the right answer. And maybe because there is really no definite answer for that question.

Yet even if there’s no exact formula when it comes to finding the love of your life, there are still some effective ways and tips that you can follow to attract that person and eventually end up with the right one. Let’s check out these ten tips of finding love from a matchmaker.

  1. Be realistic. At some point, you might not be very true to yourself. That’s why it’s even hard for you to show you real self to others and that creates a barrier. So be realistic and don’t set too much expectations. Be open for negotiations especially when meeting new people.


  1. Start getting a life. If you want to find “the one”, then you really need to get a life. That thing called waiting, and don’t look for love because it will find you may not always work. So start doing something to meet people. If it would mean you go somewhere else and travel, why not? It’s worth a shot.


  1. Know what you want. You will never find that person, if you don’t even know what you are looking for in the first place. Know the qualities of the person you want to be with. It will at least will give you an idea about whom you want and you’d automatically know when you meet him or her.


  1. Forget the past. This is one of the reasons why many people are not able to find the right one. They tend to hold on the past and wasn’t able to move on. Even your past mistakes, those should not stop you from finding the right one this time. So forget and move on.


  1. Do not overanalyse. Often times we seem to have high regards of ourselves and we don’t trust others right away and over analyse them. Remember, you will never know the person unless you talk to them and be with them.


  1. Go on blind dates. Well, this is probably the most overrated way to find love. But for matchmaker Vancouver it’s still effective. It’s a good start to meet and talk to people. Just don’t expect fireworks on your first dates.


  1. Patience is a virtue. This is definitely one of the most important idea of trying to find the one. You need to be patient. Although it might seem late for you, and you are running out of time, but with patience, things will better.


  1. Forget the rules. Well, this may sound odd, but yes, forgetting some of your life rules will help you and be open for meeting the right one. Sometimes you might have enclosed yourself with your rules and end up alone and lonely.


  1. Know the signs. Obviously you know how to read the signs. You’d have an idea what the universe is trying to tell you. So you better listen to it.


  1. Be nice. Be nice to yourself and to everyone around you. Having that positive vibes will help you attract the right person for you.

Business coaches – who are they and how can they help your business

We are all familiar with the concept of a coach.  Basically, this is one person that will be assisting you in an action towards a goal.  This person has the skills that you need to help you where you need to be.  Sport or training coaches are very common and, as you can see, they aid others into practicing to perform best.

A training coach will study the person and create a specific plan for that person.  It is the same with business.  You see, every business is different and if there is one thing I have learned through the years is that the strategy that works for one corporation will not work for the other.

Granted, there are business tips and tricks that can be applied to all commercial endeavors.  But to really get the boat to float, you need specific advice to make your own gear to spin.

What is a business coach?

A business coach is a coach that is professionally trained and certified in business.  This person will assist, oversee, and guide you in starting, developing, and growing your business.   He will have access to all your financial reports in order for him to have a big picture of where your business is standing.

Starting from there, he will develop a strategy specifically for you.  He will meet with you either in person or the phone to discuss with you where is your company at, what does the future look like, and what you need to do to solve issues.

Usually, a business coach will work on one of these three areas of your business, depending on your need:

  • Marketing and Promotional Planning, which refers to the plan to market and advertise your business.
  • General Planning refers to a coach that works with you to stabilize all the aspects of your business.  This includes Marketing and Promotional Planning, Strategic Planning, Administration, Personnel, Financial Management, and Planning.
  • Financial Planning helps you with everything regarding cash flow.  He is not a tax advisor.

What can you expect from a business coach?

When a business coach lands into your company, you can expect that he will bring in all his expertise, knowledge, and connections to you.  This person will be able to take a cold look at the present situation of your company and help you develop a sensitive plan to overcome issues and to enforce virtues.

Since you are paying this person for their time and expertise, you must expect results according to the goals set with the aid of the coach.  You should be noticing improvements to your business.

What are the benefits?

Hiring a business coach provides the following benefits:

  • Objectivity when taking a look at those things that are not necessary or that have not changed due to our emotional attachment to them, mostly.
  • Strategic Plan and Implementation of such plan.
  • Structure and System development
  • You get a better level of accountability.
  • Your own business skills are improved as your coach can also be seen as your mentor.

If you feel you are in need of a business coach to help you assess your business issue, we will go ahead and recommend Carol Greenway.  She has a great vision of business and will for sure develop the best strategy for your business.


Why New Mexican residents are staying away from carpeting

It is not the hottest or the most humid state in the Union, but it has its “moments”.  Now, we do have a respected weather that can easily help to the growth of mold and other nasty stuff in carpets.  This is only one of the reasons why people here are staying away from carpeting.

So, the purpose of this post is to explain why carpeting stopped being an option for people in New Mexico.  I beg to clear out that, for a big part, this has more to do with people’s taste and way of living.  There is no doubt that carpeting has its advantages like it helps the floor feel warm during winter, or it is soft to your feet, etc.  But this time, we will focus on the disadvantages of carpeting.

I tried to narrow down the main reasons why we prefer hardwood or any other floor beside carpet.

Financial reasons

Financially speaking, a carpet does not sound like a good option.  Since it is made with fibers such as polyester and nylon, it has a life expectancy of only 5-10 years.  This is way too little time for the active life of people here in NM.  We really are not into changing carpets every ten years.

Besides this, the maintenance costs of carpeting can actually be elevated.  Not only does it require constant vacuuming, but periodic special maintenance is also necessary.  You know, to get rid of those tiny bugs you cannot see right away.

Health Reasons

Speaking of unseen little critters from the twilight zone, there are some health issues associated with carpets.  Your carpet is home to all kinds of nasty bugs, including mold, viruses, and bacteria.  If you have a pet living with you, these also carry agents that stick to your carpet.  This includes ticks and fleas.

Some people can also be allergic to the very fibers that make carpets.  Or, in some cases, since carpets very easily trap dust, you will very likely have a sneezing session from those who are allergic to dust or pollen.  We are not really much willing to risk the health of little babies either, exposing them to allergenic agents at such an early age.

However, it is also important to note here that you can keep your carpet clean and free of harmful agents.  A good Area Rug Cleaning service can take care of those for you.

Ornamental Reasons

Yes, carpets can make a home look cozier, granted. But that is if you are extremely careful at not spilling a drop of anything.  But if you have kids at home and they are a bit clumsy, you will wind up with these horrible stains on your carpet.  So, you will go from gorgeous to hideous when you open the door and see the “map” of stains that your carpet has turned into.

Once again, going with carpet or not is a personal decision.  Of course, the other options have their disadvantages as well.  It’s just that we are not willing to cope with the downfalls of carpet flooring.

What is a 3D photo walk through, and why are so many New Mexico businesses doing them?

A 3D photo walkthrough is a virtual tour of a place using photography.  It is an awesome experience where you can get to see the details of a space moving 360° using your mouse.  Basically, it is like visiting a place from the comfort of your home.  Dedicated real estate agencies place them on their web listings for clients to take a good glimpse of what to expect. If you want to get one for your business, we recommend YY3.CD to take care of you.

People take virtual tours of museums around the world through a 3D photo walkthrough.  Marketing speaking, this kind of experience really adds value to a client’s experience.  Businesses in New Mexico, always in the loop for new and exciting trends are using this beautiful feature to promote their products.  Although this technology has been around for like 20 years, it is still booming as a successful marketing strategy.

When asked, citizens disclosed what were the reasons they decided to implement this technology into their entrepreneur.

Benefits of using 3D photo walkthrough

The following are some of the benefits of 3D photo walkthrough:

  • It provides an opportunity for your client to have a more in-depth experience that regular 2D photography cannot achieve.
  • Virtual tours provide viewers a complete picture of the panorama or space instead of fragments.
  • Thumbnail navigation allows your clients to move around the place as they wish when they wish.
  • It provides enormous comfort to the viewers as they can stay in one place for as much time as they want without anyone breathing on their necks.
  • The technology can be easily installed on your website.
  • Competitive advantage based on the fact that this tour allows a deeper look into the facilities of a business.  For example, let’s say a bride is looking for the best hall for her wedding.  It is not hard to imagine which business she would feel inclined to.
  • People are now going to their mobile technology, more than desktop.  Virtual tours are mobile friendly so that is a plus for a business.

Advantages observed when using 3D Photo Walkthrough

It is clear that using this technology creates an advantage over your competitors.  In New Mexico businesses, the most immediate advantage we say was an increase in traffic and less rebound rate.  Some other advantages we saw were:

  • It is very intuitive for our clients.
  • Images speak better than words.  Imagine everything a huge 360° has to say!
  • There were no bandwidth or speed issues.  Pages loaded as niftily as usual.
  • It became more engaging and our message/response activity increased, which translated into more connections.

If we found all these benefits and advantages to using virtual tours, it is definitively what your business is needing.  Try it out and get all these perks yourself.

Is unicorn Balayage the newest hairstyle fad in New Mexico

There could be a new hair style appearing on the streets soon. It’s been around for quite a while but only in recent years has the balayage style caught on. And as it becomes more popular new styles are sure to pop up.

Balayage is a French word which means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. It’s been around since the 70’s but has only recently crossed the Atlantic when it began to appear on the stars of Hollywood. Instead of regular highlights which are colored through to the roots, balayage is instead painted on to the top layer with a freehand technique. This allows for a lot more control than you would get from normal highlights. The final result is a beautiful contrast that blends nicely together. You’ll get a beautiful sun-kissed look that will have friends thinking you’ve been in the Caribbean for the whole summer.

Why is it so popular?

For one thing, the color styles you can choose from are almost unlimited. Unicorn balayage is just one example but expect to see more. It’s also very low maintenance which is proving a great drawcard for women. Not everyone has time to see a salon every few weeks. The way that it blends together also means you won’t have a clear demarcation line between the colors. This means if let to grow out it will still keep a very natural look that won’t require constant trips to the salon.

How is it done?

This will depend a lot on the length of your hair and the desired result. Most stylists will color individual strands with a brush and backing board. Other employ the hot cross bun technique which divides the hair into sections that are then worked on separately. While seeing a professional hair salon is the best choice if you want it done well, especially if you’ve never dyed your hair before; the DIY option is also there and not really that difficult. For a balayage style in Vancouver, there are some great styles to choose from.

While it can be made to suit almost any hair style it looks best on long flowing hair with loose curls or a beachy, tousled look. For shorter hair, more dye will need to be used to give the right contrast.

As for how long it takes to apply, most stylists can finish a full head in about 45-60 minutes. It’s quite straightforward to apply but requires careful work if you’re doing it yourself. When seeing a salon, you will likely need a minimum of three appointments to build up the color effectively. These appointments will be spaced about six weeks apart. After that, you can go up to four months without needing an update. You will though need to go in for a toner and color treatment between appointments.

This is a style that is constantly evolving and one we can expect to see around for quite a while. As more unique styles are developed expect to see even more varied hairstyles on the streets near you.

Recalled Car Seats you want to avoid

Your kids safety is always your number one priority. That’s the main reason why you don’t want to take it for granted when you’re looking for the best car seat. There are too many car seats available in the market. And it does always be that tough to find the best one and there are too many things to consider.

car seat

You probably have limited information about car seats, making it hard for you to choose the best. There are other car seat facts that you don’t probably know about. The fact is, there are also unsafe car seats in the market that might put your baby at risk.

Car seat recalls are common that you might not aware of. Especially for products and brands that normally causes troubles and injuries to babies. It might sound unfortunate, but yes, there are a lot of car seats that are getting recalled every year.

Choosing a Car Seat Ideas and More

You might have thought that all car seats work the same and are in great condition because they’re new and they probably passed the quality control check. We all probably have that same impression. Yet, that’s far from the reality.

Your choice for the best car seat should still be based on the brands and prices. As always, quality always comes with a price. It’s simply about paying off your baby’s safety. Before you even settle for a particular car seat, it is important that you have the best knowledge of your every option. It would also be great if you know what are the best ones and the worse ones in the market.

List of Recalled Car Seats

Britax ClickTight Convertible Car Seats

seatReason: It may contain a defect with the harness adjuster button, causing a loose harness.

Graco Car Seats – SnugRide, SnugRide Classic Connect, SnugRide 30, SnugRide 35, SnugRide Click Connect 40, Aprica A30

Reason: Difficulty in unlatching the harness buckle. It often got stuck and can’t be opened. Thus, it would be hard to remove the child from it.

Orbit Baby G2 Car Seat Bases

Reason: The seat’s base which is used to secure might detached or spin. Thus, it may cause a great danger to the baby.

Britax Boulevard, Pavilion, and Advocate Convertible Car Seats

Reason: its chest pads are made of softer material that can be chewed into pieces by the kid. Thus, it might cause choking.

Evenflo Maestro Booster Seats

Reason: Higher risk in a crash event. It may create a crack at the front of the seat. That’s adjacent to the adjuster.

There’s a good list of recalled car seats and other baby gears in the market. You just have to make sure that you get a copy of the list. It can be a good guide for you to be able to find the best and the safest one for your kid. Keep in mind, not all products in the market are the best. The proofs are all these recalled items. Spend some time, energy and money if you want to get the best, and always look for car seat recall 2017