Major League Baseball Returns to Mexico in March

Baseball fans, rejoice! March is sure to be a great month to be in Mexico.
baseball player
After 12 years of hiatus, the current mayor of Mexico City, Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, and the Major League Baseball Players Association have announced the return of Major League Baseball to Mexico last Wednesday, January 13, 2016. The exhibition event will be held on March 26 and 27, Saturday and Sunday, respectively, at Fray Nano stadium. The stadium can house an audience with an approximate headcount of 5,000 and has served as a home for the Red Devils, one of the official teams in the Mexican Baseball League. There is also news that the stadium will be renovated and expanded in order to accomodate 8,000 fans before the start of the Mexico City Series. The Houston Astros and the San Diego Padres will be the teams playing against each other in the two-game exhibition.

The operating chief officer of the MLB, Tony Pettiti said, “Major League Baseball is thrilled to be back in Mexico City, and we are particularly excited to showcase two of our clubs that play in such close proximity to Mexico. As we further strengthen the relationship between MLB and Mexico, it is our hope that we can continue to present our game and its bright young stars to the fans of our southern neighbor for years to come.”

The other figures present in the announcement were Jeff Luhnow – general manager of the Houston Astros, Jose Altuve – the second baseman of the Astros, and A.J. Preller, general manager of San Diego Padres, accompanied by Austin Hedges, the catcher of the Padres. Luhnow, who is also a native of Mexico City, says that he is excited to see his team play. “The Mexican people have a great love for baseball, so I know these games will be very well received,” he adds. Preller also possessed the same level of enthusiasm as the Astros coach. “We’re very excited to be in Mexico City and bring our game to Mexican fans,” he mentioned in the conference.

Many news channels and websites such as FOX Sports and ESPN have been spreading word of the news as soon as it came out. Both baseball teams were more than thrilled to reach out to their Mexican fans. The last MLB event held on Mexico was back in March 2004. And last year, on March 29, Mexico hosted an exhibition game where the Arizona Diamondbacks played against the Colorado Rockies. The match was held in Hermosillo, Sonora.