Business coaches – who are they and how can they help your business

We are all familiar with the concept of a coach.  Basically, this is one person that will be assisting you in an action towards a goal.  This person has the skills that you need to help you where you need to be.  Sport or training coaches are very common and, as you can see, they aid others into practicing to perform best.

A training coach will study the person and create a specific plan for that person.  It is the same with business.  You see, every business is different and if there is one thing I have learned through the years is that the strategy that works for one corporation will not work for the other.

Granted, there are business tips and tricks that can be applied to all commercial endeavors.  But to really get the boat to float, you need specific advice to make your own gear to spin.

What is a business coach?

A business coach is a coach that is professionally trained and certified in business.  This person will assist, oversee, and guide you in starting, developing, and growing your business.   He will have access to all your financial reports in order for him to have a big picture of where your business is standing.

Starting from there, he will develop a strategy specifically for you.  He will meet with you either in person or the phone to discuss with you where is your company at, what does the future look like, and what you need to do to solve issues.

Usually, a business coach will work on one of these three areas of your business, depending on your need:

  • Marketing and Promotional Planning, which refers to the plan to market and advertise your business.
  • General Planning refers to a coach that works with you to stabilize all the aspects of your business.  This includes Marketing and Promotional Planning, Strategic Planning, Administration, Personnel, Financial Management, and Planning.
  • Financial Planning helps you with everything regarding cash flow.  He is not a tax advisor.

What can you expect from a business coach?

When a business coach lands into your company, you can expect that he will bring in all his expertise, knowledge, and connections to you.  This person will be able to take a cold look at the present situation of your company and help you develop a sensitive plan to overcome issues and to enforce virtues.

Since you are paying this person for their time and expertise, you must expect results according to the goals set with the aid of the coach.  You should be noticing improvements to your business.

What are the benefits?

Hiring a business coach provides the following benefits:

  • Objectivity when taking a look at those things that are not necessary or that have not changed due to our emotional attachment to them, mostly.
  • Strategic Plan and Implementation of such plan.
  • Structure and System development
  • You get a better level of accountability.
  • Your own business skills are improved as your coach can also be seen as your mentor.

If you feel you are in need of a business coach to help you assess your business issue, we will go ahead and recommend Carol Greenway.  She has a great vision of business and will for sure develop the best strategy for your business.