How to Create the Ideal Backyard to Beat the Heat

The current season might not be the best in New Mexico during the months of December-January.  But during the summer, things get hot, humid, and scorching.  But before that, you get the spring precipitation which tends to make matters worse.

Having a garden that helps cope with the arid temperatures of summer is primordial.  But just laying a garden in the backyard is not all it takes.  How can you make your backyard ideal for beating the heat?  What elements should you add in and which ones should you rule out?

Climate in New Mexico

Temperatures throughout the state of New Mexico goes from 64°F (18°C) in the southeast to 40°F (4.5°C) in the high mountains.  During the summer months, temperatures can get as high as 100°F (38°C).  The highest temperature ever recorded is 116°F (47°C) on July 14, 1934.

But the clear sky and low relative humidity allow for rapid cooling of the land, making summer nights relatively comfortable.   One of the things that people like to take advantage of is the amount of sunshine received, which is from 75 to 80 percent of the possible.  So, we are talking about 3,700 to 2,800 of annual sunshine.

During the spring, there is usually a 90 percent sunshine and even during November.  Average humidity is lower in the valleys and higher in the mountains.  Relative humidity goes from 65 percent to during the morning to 30 percent during the afternoon.

Essential Elements of a Heat-Beating Backyard

When temperatures get too hot, there is nothing else in mind but to thrive to stay cool.  Creating the best backyard to stay cool is actually not that hard.  You need to work on the shades and places under the roof.  Nick, who specializes in landscape design in Vancouver, says that the most important thing is to keep things cool in the yard, even during the hottest of days.  Also, create spaces of recreation where you can just lye donw and enjoy the day.

The followingare some quick tips:

  • Hang some hammocks.  They are comfortable and nice under a shade in the middle of the backyard.
  • Do some camping in your backyard.  There is no better place as you haver resources available from your house.  You can enjoy the cool nights under the tent while you burn some marshmallows on the bonfire.
  • The pool is a necessary addition to any backyard if you want to fend off the heat.  Get it on with pool parties and invite your friends over to cool off a little bit while enjoying another pool of beers.
  • Using a hose, you can also make an outdoor shower.  Just hang it over a tree branch and have lots of aquatic fun.
  • Keep an outdoor bar where you can keep chilled beers and other beverages.
  • The grill is an important element that cannot be overseen.  Of course, you can also have a pretty cool pizza oven.
  • Build teepees, little hideouts made of hoola hoops and shower curtains, or anything else that can take the place of a tent.

Remember to keep your yard fun, fresh, and recreational.

Create Your Own Paradise

The types of plants that you place on your yard are equally important to keep a fresh environment.  Make sure you have an area for splishy splashing all over the place.  For example, you can use 2-liter bottles to create a misty spraying system to ensure lots of wet fun.

Take advantage not only of tree shadows.  Trees also offer great opportunitites for you to build a wooden swing, to place some benches around the trunk and much more.  You could even build a nice tree house for you or the children to enjoy.

Create an atmospere tha invites to recreation and fun.  Climate in New Mexico allows for favorable wind to breeze out and cool your space.  Take advantage of the sweet sound of rustling leaves and the smell of flowers, green plants, and vines.

If you can, create spaces of running water or a water feature such as a stream, a cascade or a small pond.  Let water spring out of your backyard for your family and guests to enjoy the sunshine and the shade.

You can also build an inviting porch with all the comfort to appeal people to stay outdoors with you, enjoying New Mexico’s nice climate.