How to find love – ten tips from a matchmaker

How to find your one true love. This is just an overused question. Many people seemed to ask that question, but not all of them are lucky enough to get the right answer. And maybe because there is really no definite answer for that question.

Yet even if there’s no exact formula when it comes to finding the love of your life, there are still some effective ways and tips that you can follow to attract that person and eventually end up with the right one. Let’s check out these ten tips of finding love from a matchmaker.

  1. Be realistic. At some point, you might not be very true to yourself. That’s why it’s even hard for you to show you real self to others and that creates a barrier. So be realistic and don’t set too much expectations. Be open for negotiations especially when meeting new people.


  1. Start getting a life. If you want to find “the one”, then you really need to get a life. That thing called waiting, and don’t look for love because it will find you may not always work. So start doing something to meet people. If it would mean you go somewhere else and travel, why not? It’s worth a shot.


  1. Know what you want. You will never find that person, if you don’t even know what you are looking for in the first place. Know the qualities of the person you want to be with. It will at least will give you an idea about whom you want and you’d automatically know when you meet him or her.


  1. Forget the past. This is one of the reasons why many people are not able to find the right one. They tend to hold on the past and wasn’t able to move on. Even your past mistakes, those should not stop you from finding the right one this time. So forget and move on.


  1. Do not overanalyse. Often times we seem to have high regards of ourselves and we don’t trust others right away and over analyse them. Remember, you will never know the person unless you talk to them and be with them.


  1. Go on blind dates. Well, this is probably the most overrated way to find love. But for matchmaker Vancouver it’s still effective. It’s a good start to meet and talk to people. Just don’t expect fireworks on your first dates.


  1. Patience is a virtue. This is definitely one of the most important idea of trying to find the one. You need to be patient. Although it might seem late for you, and you are running out of time, but with patience, things will better.


  1. Forget the rules. Well, this may sound odd, but yes, forgetting some of your life rules will help you and be open for meeting the right one. Sometimes you might have enclosed yourself with your rules and end up alone and lonely.


  1. Know the signs. Obviously you know how to read the signs. You’d have an idea what the universe is trying to tell you. So you better listen to it.


  1. Be nice. Be nice to yourself and to everyone around you. Having that positive vibes will help you attract the right person for you.