How the Internet can Save Traditional Newspapers

It seems like the Internet will see the demise of the traditional newspaper.  What is it with buying a piece of paper if you can simply access all the news through your mobile device?  Apparently, nobody does that anymore.

Let us go through a brief discussion about how the Internet is actually affecting and what should newspapers do to survive.  Becuase the answer is right there.  The way the Internet is saving papers is forcing them to find strategies to appeal an audience that still prefers the physical ritual of reading the morning paper.  Also, they need to come up with ways to appeal to this new generation that most pro

Also, they need to come up with ways to appeal to this new generation that most probably has never opened a newspaper in their lives.  But this does not mean that they are oblivious to the news.  They simply have a faster and more efficient way of getting them.

How Internet Affects Newspapers

This is not the first time that written press has overcome challenges.  Over the decades it has stood against the telegraph first, then radio and television.  But the Internet is proving to be a greater challenge.

The following are some of the ways in which the Internet is affecting newspapers:

  • Most of a newspaper income comes from advertising.  In fact, more than 80% of revenue is accountable by advertising, according to Congressional Research Service. But online advertising is cheaper, easier, and more dynamic, so corporations are moving their publicity online.
  • With this cuts in advertising revenues, newspapers have been forced to downsize and cut costs.
  • Newspapers are becoming only one of many sources of information, which includes online agencies and even freelancers.
  • Those who are now dedicated to spreading news online only need a very small investment.  They don´t have to be concerned about printers, papers, and distribution routes.

What Should Newspapers Do?

It is important to note here that even when some might say that newspapers are dying, the truth is that journalism is actually expanding thanks to the media.  But the newspaper industry has always adapted and persevered.  This is how the industry can be saved.

  1. Offer unique content in their printed version.  This is assuming that the newspaper has an online site.  So, instead of considering the website a place for dumping the same thing that will be printed, it is best to treat them differently and consider what kind of news are better for each platform.
  2. Take advantage of social media to promote the fact that, even when a newspaper is a slow source of information, it can also provide real-time information.
  3. Invest in mobile versions in order to become mobile friendly to readers.

Newspapers should use the Internet to their advantage by promoting themselves through a solid digital marketing whenever it is needed.